TCPCE provides students interested in registering with the CRPO with a totally integrated education program. Based in solid academic learning, the staff in the TCPCE program focus on helping students integrate the academic work in a deeply practical way. The student to teacher ratio is low allowing teachers to monitor students closely to ensure that they are able to work with clients in a healthy and productive manner.

Objectives of the TCPCE program

TCPCE has been a leader in providing therapy and counselling training for over 25 years. The program began providing psychotherapy training for individuals wanting some training in psychotherapeutic technique, along with those in spiritual ministry who required a more sophisticated understanding of psychology, and for those working in chaplaincy. With the advent of the legislation and the clearly defined scope of practice of psychotherapy in Ontario, the TCPCE program has been realigned to reflect the standards established by the CRPO while retaining the deeply relational nature of the historic program.

The Toronto Centre for Psychotherapy & Counselling Education Program undertakes to provide a learning environment in which students are able to:

  • Develop and deepen their self-awareness, self-understanding and self-knowledge as a pre-requisite to psychotherapeutic effectiveness.
  • Develop skills in Psychotherapy and counselling practice, including the art and technique of doing psychotherapy.
  • Develop a psychotherapeutic theory based through acquisition of theoretical knowledge by exposing students to significant psychotherapeutic theories which will assist them in developing a theory base for their psychotherapy and counselling practice.
  • Integrate psychosocial and spiritual understanding through developing an ability to interrelate psychological insights and spiritual awareness.

Outcomes of the TCPCE Program

Clinical skills related to the art and practice of integrated psychotherapy

Through practice-based learning that combines concrete experience with analysis and reflection on that experience, students develop both competence and confidence in working with the lives of people.

Integration of Professional and Personal Identity

In working with a variety of people in their struggles, joys, anxieties and yearnings that are present, students recognize their own life issues that demand attention. In working with the lives of others, and at the same time working with their own lives, students clarify their own sense of self and define who they are as professionals, consequently attending to the safe and effective use of self.

Ability to Interrelate Theory and Practice

Through incorporating professional & theoretical knowledge and relating these concepts to psychotherapy and counselling practice, students clarify and deepen their ability to articulate and develop knowledge-based therapeutic relationships.

Understanding of the Interaction between Psychosocial and/spiritual Insights

Through psychotherapy and counselling theory and spiritual reflection, students enhance their capacity to move between the empirical and spiritual, and work towards an integrated approach in psychotherapy and counselling practice.